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What’s better than a 2017 Honda Rebel? Why, a free Aviator Nation customized Rebel of course!

Collaborating with Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand Aviator Nation (AN) in an attempt to connect with the hipster market, Honda will be giving away two customized Rebels and $1,000 AN gift cards. Available as either a 300 or a 500 model, Honda did not specify which one was used as a basis for this project.

At the very least, you’ll win a free Rebel 300 powered by a 286cc single cylinder engine, which is great when you also take into account its smooth gearbox quick acceleration. Then there’s the aesthetic changes Aviator Nation has made including a bespoke fuel tank featuring a gold shimmer paint job and the company’s signature four stripe design.

Other little details includes a hand-stitched brown leather seat with the AN logo, custom brown grips, and a caged yellow headlamp. Unfortunately no performance upgrades were made, but then again Aviator Nation is a clothing brand and not an aftermarket motorcycle company.

For U.S. citizens who wish to take part in the Sweepstakes, you better act soon because the contest is already underway and submissions will close at 11:59pm ET 10/31/17.
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