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What chain would I need for 16/40 or 16/37?

I want to try out both configurations and see which one works for me.
Yes, I know going up a tooth in the front reduces the acceleration, coming from only cars, I have driven anything from 8-9s 0-60, and I read somewhere the Rebel 500 is a 6s 0-60 so again, for me,I'm okay with losing 2-3s on my 0-60 so I can run higher speeds at lower RPM due to not really ever experience a fast acceleration, plus I'd rather be a fast sustained speed than a quick sprint.

With that stuff out of the way, again, I just am looking to find out what chain I'll need to buy.
I tend to be a creature of habit/OCD so I want to change the sprockets and chain right out the gate so I don't need to readjust my throttling habits, if I were to change them out later than sooner.

Thank you for any help! :)
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