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Guys and gals, welcome to this new addition to the Forum! :grin2:

I personally believe that this is something the Forum has been heavily needing, due to what the Rebel actually is. It's a bike you make your own! As I'm sure we all have hear at least once now, Honda presents it as You don't buy this bike. You make it yours.
And it's true, it is a blank canvas that many of us has painted and shaped into our own little gem.

And as such, you'll need a proper way of showing it off to others :wink2:
On the top bar some of us might be aware that we have a "Garage" section up there. It's a nice feature in it's own, but it's quite limiting at the same time.
Hence why this is a dedicated section where we hope to see each and every Rebel out there!

The vision here ladies and gentlemen, is that you make a new Thread for your own bike, and give us all a full walk through of it!
With the mods you've done, how you did them, your future plans for it, etc, etc!
This dedicated thread for your own bike will be your own little domain where the sole focus is your bike.

As such, people will have the ability to for example keep a track on a build someone is working on. You can chip in and ask directly about a mod you're wondering about. Or in general just to seek inspiration from the many and various mods that people have done to this bike!
The bike is prone to be heavily modded by many, and that's what we want to see!

Share your bike with us!:grin2:

"Making it yours - Present your bike." - Lyoko & 01-7700 ;)
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