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I am a very novice rider (less than one month) and I did do a little 'research' before purchasing and decided, for several reasons - predominantly safety - that I didn't really want hard panniers. So, safety being a big consideration, I went ahead and bought a set up that most experienced riders may consider as foolish, if not downright dangerous.
Even though I 'made my bed' and bought some semi rigid SE48 Shad saddle bags for £89 ( $110). I know you can spend a fortune on these things, but I'm just a poor pensioner :cool: .
I think they look great on the bike and I'm looking forward to doing quite a few tours in Thailand (and other adjacent Asian countries once the lockdown is cleared) over the next year or so.
I didn't bother with the fixings, as I just want to unclip the stabiliser straps (2 clips on the back carrier), lift the lot off all together and carry into the accommodation. I also want to be able to ride without them when not touring. So, on and off will be super easy and super quick.
I'm in to taking a few snaps and carry a camera bag sitting on the pillion seat strapped to my substantial waist.
I'm rationalising that if I do had a spill, the bags (weighted down with change of underpants etc.) won't cause too much of a problem flying around and the likelyhood of the setup going out of balance is slight as I won't be speeding and cornering on the footpeg.
Thoughts please..... and sorry for the long post.





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