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So I've been procrastinating about what style of luggage I wanted to add to my CMX1100.

I currently have the passenger pillion seat attached and wanted something that can go on top of that and still keep to the aesthetic of the bike. I wanted to be able to very quickly and easily remove the luggage without tools, so I could switch to taking a passenger that can carry it as a backpack instead.

I don't like the look of most of the luggage mounts and the bagger style gear that I've seen available to fit this bike. I especially don't much like the look of the official Honda branded luggage. I feel that when the bags are removed the mounting bars often ruin the look of the rear end of the bike.

So I MacGyver'd together my own solution with the following kit with a total cost of £60.97. (I already had tools, washers, rubber gaskets, & blue Locktite. I used the existing OEM bolts to fix the rings in place).

Heavy Duty 8 Pack Tie-down D-rings

OXFORD ROK Straps HD 25mm Adj Black

Rhinowalk Motor Pannier Bag 30L

View attachment 35727

It compresses down nice so I'm able to have the bag about 25% filled with my wet/warm spare gear and a rider rescue 1st aid kit for now.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Bicycle part Tread

Tire Fuel tank Wheel Vehicle Motorcycle

The whole thing just unbuckles and can be used as a backpack, and the square rings fold down flat around the bolts to hardly look any different than before.

Outerwear Black Sleeve Leather jacket Personal protective equipment

The bag is also part of a modular luggage system so I could add another couple of bags on the sides and another on to that would give me 120ltrs of storage capacity

I'm planning to visit family at the other end of the country (England is small :D) next week if the weather looks ok so I'll update here on how it went using this setup on a 600~700 mile round trip when I get back.

Let me know your thoughts everyone (y)

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ordered today, thanks for a great write up, made it so easy, and the idea of keeping bike original is part of what I want.
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