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Recently purchased my R300 in late May/Early June 2018.

Presently at around 1,730 miles.

At a certain speed range, my engine emits a super high-pitch squeak, which fluctuates with the rev levels (or speed? unsure).
It sounds like metal rubbing metal. I deeply sense this could, unfortunately, correlate with the fact that I forgot to change my oil and oil filter at mile 600 (in accordance with the maintenance schedule). Feeling stupid, but owning my mistake. I didn't take care of this until yesterday, at mile 1,717. Mind you, the bike drives pretty fine and smooth; accelerates pretty well, too -- especially since taking care of the oil and filter.

Assuming the oil-change/oil filter-change isn't related, might any of you fellow Rebels know other possible causes of "squeaky" engines ?

I hope this doesn't indicate an issue larger than i'm anticipating.

Thanks in advance,
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