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2020 Honda Rebel 500 matte blue jeans metallic
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I just got my license and bought a 2020 Honda Rebel 500 ABS.
I learned on a 300 and loved it.

being new to this, I don’t know all the proper noises on a bike. So I have a dumb question about a noise my bike makes.

when I accelerate moderately in 3, but mostly 4, 5, 6....
I can hear like a chain buzzing sound, but really like sizzling or crackling coming from down there... not crazy loud, but still... if I pull the clutch or let go the throttle, it stops.
When Accelerate all out, don’t really hear it as much

Took it to dealership: the rear wheel was slightly off line. Chain lubed and proper tension. They say it is normal.....
issue, I thought a sound should always be there but be more and less depending on conditions.... just not appear with throttle and disappear when coasting.

thanks for your advice!

Done with break in so pushed it in the 6-8000 rpm range and sound still there....sizzling sound when pull the throttle.... disappears as soon as I coast.
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