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Share a picture of your Honda Rebel 300/500 right now. Doesn't have to be a perfect picture. It could be anywhere and in any state or condition.

Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Picture is taken from the last hour
  • Post a minimum of 1 picture and maximum up to 5
  • Do not stage

2019 Rebel 300
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You did say right now! The bike still has the paper temporary plate.
In the process of changing that brick of a tail light:


in progress
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Thailand.... From Kao Ka Lok to Pranburi Dam this morning. Fantastic road up there through Pranburi. Return via Hua Hin (Clear roads all the way and so little traffic until Hua Hin), popped to Handlebars (my bike shop) to buy saddlebags and a phone holder.... had a small Heineken and chicken fried rice while they fitted the new gear. All good and then back home to Sam Roi Yot. What a spiffing day.


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