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Went back to my dealer yesterday and sat back on the Rebel 500. They are expected to get a 500 ABS (2018) in two weeks and hopefully I may very well buy it.

However I am still talking with them about the handlebars and stopping the "reach" for us short people.

The service guy came out and un-loosened the handlebars and rotated them. All that did was actually lower them even if the controls were rotated the other direction. So that will NOT work for me.

He seemed to think that maybe a riser and a NEW bar would do it for me. All I want to do is sit up without reaching and leaning forward. At 57 that isn't going to work. For the Millienials probably never going to be an issue plus many are taller and longer armed then I am.

The service guy said the brake line would have be be swapped out, he couldn't tell me for sure that the other cables wouldn't have to be changed out either.

I told him about this forum and how some have been able to get about a 3" riser and the cables reached fine except brakes and that someone here said there is plenty of extra wire for the spedometer head too.

So, it seems like they can't give me exact details. They said, "We don't customize the Rebel very often and we sell so many other brands of bikes, we just don't know right now."

They guarantee that if I buy the bike that they will work with me to get it right. Doesn't give me much confidence and at how much added costs?

I don't like the Suzuki S40- (One Lunger) but it's handlebars allow me to sit upright and the reach isn't an issue. So surely this dealership can get this figured out and remedied for this person.

Do you agree?

Thank you again!

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