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In order to participate in the Classifieds section, you will need 10 posts elsewhere in the community. Members with less posts will not be able to view this section.

Please use your best judgement when completing transactions online. Moderators and Administrators of are not responsible for the transactions that take place here. Buyer Beware.

HondaRebel3Forum Classifieds Rules

1.) Your ad should be for motorcycles or motorcycle related products.

2.) Your ad should include a price - no auctions or 'feelers'.

3.) Your ad must include at least one photo - all photos must include a card with your forum username and the date on it.

4.) Items being offered for sale are to be items of your OWN, not selling them for someone else, as this circumvents the membership rules, placed on this site.

5.)If you have an issue with the prices that people post, please PM that person. Calling them out and referring to another site is inappropriate. If you can get it for a cheaper price elsewhere, please do so and not attack the person posting.

6.)We do help people out here to get the best deal, but this is a private seller section. Please don't refer people to other websites in the threads that people are selling things.

Failure to comply with the rules may result in your Classifieds permissions being revoked.

Moderators and Admins may remove any ads they see unfit for this community.

Moderators and Admins reserve the right to update these rules without warning.
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