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Hey all,

I'm a new Rebel 300 owner from N.E. GA. I just picked up the bike yesterday and it's already creating an interesting story for me! While it's technically my second bike, I count it as my first. See, 14 years ago I got a bike [YZF600R], on the same day, and I made it a whole 20 miles before a Civic blew through a Stop sign and laid me out. Totaled the bike. I got a little shy and hung up my helmet.

I got one of those wild hairs and decided to go for it again. I did a lot of research online, watched a million useless Youtube videos and a couple good ones, and make my stop at a dealership. They loaded it up in the back of my truck and I was headed home. Of course, when I got home I realized my first problem was going to be how to get a bike out of my truck. Thanks to a hill, some 2x4s, and a really big rubber boot I was able to get it a torrential downpour. No matter, I didn't have a valid permit anyways, wasn't going to ride immediately because it was after dark at this point.
Got my permit this morning, barely. Who knew there were going to be so many questions about side-cars? Anyways, I was on a little bit of a high, dying to get out of work and go take it for my first drive (haven't even started it up yet) and the dealership calls to let me know there is a recall that needs to be done immediately. It was supposed to have been done before it was sold, apparently. I'll cut them some slack, I DID buy it on a holiday.
So, now, after all that, I have to figure out a way to load it BACK INTO my truck and return it to the dealer, LOL

I am beyond excited to get riding, whenever that will be.

About me: I'm 36, married with two small kids, and work as a full-time computer nerd.

Great to be here!
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