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Hello Everyone,
I would like to propose something to all the members that would like to make their own custom accessories for your Rebel 300/500. There is an accurate 3D model online of Honda Rebel 300/500 that costs 95 Euros (105 USD).

However, I am not at a good financial point to buy it by myself because I spent a lot on new handlebars, exhaust, gear indicator, fog lights, engine guards, etc. In the future, I would like to add a sissy bar, modify the tail, make some 3D printed accessories such as headlight grill, and maybe a custom tank paint. I think that there are a lot of you that have the same plans and ideas. The 3D model will help us to get all the measurements precisely.

I will not be able to share the model (the terms of Hum3D does not allow that)*1 but I have an engineering degree so I can help you get all the necessary measurements anytime you need for anything you need.
Also, I am getting a 3D printer in a few days so I will make Rebel keychains for everyone that will donate to get the model.

It would be great if there are 4 more people with the same needs to donate $20 each or 9 more people to donate $10 each so we can buy it.

*1 Please contact me in Private Message to discuss all the details.

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