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rebel 300 vs shadow aero 750

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Hey everyone. Just a quick opinion on my brief experience on a Honda Shadow Aero 750.

My aunt has the 750. She let me ride it briefly just to see how the difference is between my rebel and her 750.

And man what a difference. lol. Not just the weight, but the shadow is soooooo well balanced, even more so than the rebel. Felt so planted to the road. All around comfortable, and it was nice to feel a bit more power than the 300. The funniest difference, is the gear changes. 2nd gear on the shadow I was at 120kms on the highway, lol. Rebel, yea, 2nd gear is like 30kms. 60kms I am typically in 6th gear on the rebel for just normal cruising, the shadow you don't even need to leave 1st gear.

Anyway, just wanted to share a brief experience. If you plan on doing allot of highway/ road trips, bigger bike is a must. And you can still have that little bit of fun.

My goal is to get the a bigger bike, at least a 1200cc for mainly road trips, etc. Since the rebel 300 was a really cheap bike, no sense selling it. Won't get what I paid for it, I don't owe anything on it, why not keep it for a DD etc. lol.
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I have a 750 spirit - it's the perfect highway bike for me.
I have a 750 spirit - it's the perfect highway bike for me.

jealous. lol. rode my friends HD heritage the other day. That was even better than the shadow 750 lol. And torque too, jesus, so much as a mild jerk in the hand and it takes off like a rocket. Maybe just me too used to the rebel 300, but dam it was a fun ride for sure. lol.
Actually a bike does not have to be 1200 cc to be comfortable on the road. I really enjoyed touring on the 471 cc bike pictured below.

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