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Hello CMX-ers.
I'm ridin the CMXs other siblings.
I have a '13 and a '16 CB500x - the later with a long suspension travel Rally Raid L3 suspension, what is the complete opposite of the low sear CMX with a whopping 87cm seat height, and a lowered'16 CB500F for my wife. (And a few other bikes too in the garage, but they are not related other than being Hondas).
As an ex-racer and builder I cannot stand to keep anything stock, so I have many mods to my bikes (e.g. suspension, engine, braking) and helped others to build their bikes too.
The strongest cbr500r (the same engine as the rebel) what I've done anything to has currently 67hp, with still a few left on the table.
I'm mainly joining to get some technical info on the rebel, and answer performance related questions.
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