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So definitely set on getting a CMX 500 at the end of the year, though I want to prep all my mods and get them done asap when I get the bike. Here's some Im thinking about. Id love to have input from others who have done the mods or if there are any good suggestions for mods. (Also not sure if this would be the right section of the forums.)

Roll handlebars down: Im used to standard/sport bikes so the handle bars are a touch uncomfortably high, Im thinking about rolling them down until I run out of tank clearance. Someone mentioned putting them on risers would allow me to roll them further down but i dont understand his logic lol.

Different &/ Taller seat: Definitely looking for a slightly higher and more comfortable seat than the oem. Need a rear seat as well for tailbag set up. I prefer simple and smooth seats.

Rear Rack & Saddle bag brackets: I live off my bikes without a car so basic saddle bags and rear top box and tail bag are my go to for storage. usually coretech 2.0 set up with a double wide top box

Eliminating the Brick: besides the tank, the rear brake light was the only thing i was seriously not digging. I prefer round and OG looking, i care for visibility over look.

Tank pads/stick ons: Cant think of the name right now but there were a few tanks i saw with scratch pads on them that definitely made the tank look less cubed.

Pipes/cans: up in the air on this one, i dont mind the way the current ones look, but we shall see...

Any other suggestions?
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