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Hey Guys & Gals.Hello from Vietnam.
I live in Arizona.I also live part-time in Hochmin city(Saigon).

I am a long time Motorcycle rider & currently own a 2017 Indian Chieftain Limited w/19 inch front wheel that I basically turned into a RoadMaster.

My previous bike here in VN was a used Honda SH 150 that was very appropriate for the 60km speed limit.
It is also quite good for my 6'2'' frame & easy to ride & deal with here.The SH with a Givi tour box is not bad for travel in & around SE Asia.In fact, you can cross the borders to Thailand without extra papers(150cc).Anything over 150cc need papers almost like a passport.

I am looking to purchase either a New Rebel 300 or SH150.Funny,the price difference is about $50 USD less for the SH.

The SH 150 is the most popular & suitable for a tall rider in VN.It is probably the best city cruiser with all the traffic & mirror bumping.
My issue is for $50 I can have a real motorcycle:)

The SH would only need a Givi top box for travel & has storage under the seat for a full face helmet.

The Rebel would cost a little more to accessorize to accommodate the helmet(maybe a helmet lock).
City driving would take a little more effort.The 6 speed may never see 5th or 6th gear.LOL!
Lots more Accessories for the Rebel but they are a little difficult to find here, but it can be done.

I know this site is all about the Rebel.I see many discussions between people & differences between the 300 & 500.
Since both bikes are the same size the 300 would be my choice over the 500 in VN,since there is a max speed limit of 60km here.

Lastly,the price difference makes me look at the Rebel but the SH may be a better choice for this country(and cost less for customization).

Any constructive response would be appreciated.


btw,I have been riding well over 50 years

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Hi welcome to the forum. My take. Since you already have the Indian , the sh150 would make more sense. Would be more pleasurable to ride in that Vietnam since it has the cvt transmission if I’m not mistaken. Stop and go and slow speed would take the fun away. If it was me, I would get the sh150 .
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