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Hey whats up? I'm Jack, new to the forums.
I have been feeling this incredible itch to ride again, My first bike was an Honda Shadow Aero 1998 1100. It was my dads but he stopped riding so I took over it but I was always afraid of it, too powerful, too big and too heavy.. So now, after 6 years I decided that I want to ride again but something smaller and easier to control. That brought me to this forum, you guys seem to have a good community going and I like that.

I want a Rebel 500 but I'm afraid of being to big for it, I'm 6'2", 275 pounds and I'm afraid of being too cramped on it or not be comfortable at all. So if anyone is in my same spot, I would love to read your story. I'll be taking my MSF classes this weekend and cant wait to start riding.

Bonus, my old ride.
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