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Hi All,

Just purchased a closeout 17 leftover 500. I have had over 60 bikes, usually having 2-5 at a time and used to work for Honda Motorcycles in the 90's so I am a bit of a Honda fan.

I added 3 Ram-Mount handlebar mounts to the bars, 2 items I leave on all the time... an X-Grip phone mount and GoPro Session camera mount then 1 that I use to switch between Tom Tom Rider GPS and a Ram self-leveling cup for that mid ride sip of water, LOL.

I ran fused power to the bars to charge my phone since I use it for Waze mapping and music that is bluetooth to my Cardo Packtalk helmet communicator.

I changed the front/rear signals and tail light to something that matches the bikes style a bit more in my opinion. Added a rear fender rack with cargo net and solo (side) bag I had from another bike for carrying small items.

Have fun and ride safe y'all!


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