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Not necessarily a proper "review" but let's say it's a "Pedestrians review", it is coupled with a humorous story so strap in for story time.

I bought my Rebel 500 about 2 months ago, a brand new 2018. It's been hiding under a cover waiting for Seattle winter to finally break. Yesterday we had a sunny day, mid 70's, so I rode the bike to work. On my way home I chose against going on the freeway to get some throttle and clutch precision practice. It would be a stop-and-go adventure the whole way home of 8 miles. I did this intentionally because I'm new to riding so I wanted some throttle and clutch practice since it's been 2 months since taking the endorsement course, so I'm already a little rusty.

On my commute home I am about 1/4 mile from my apartment. I'm waiting at a stop light. There are a bunch of walking people on the sidewalk near the waterfront in Juanita or jogging enjoying the sun near the beach park. These 2 in particular dudes catch my attention, roughly my age in the upper 20's maybe low 30's. They walk by and are looking my direction. I see them out of the corner of my eye looking at me for a weird amount of time... I figure there was a sports car or something to my other side, I check... nope. Nobody there.
They look away, still talking.
I figure everything is fine and I'm making stuff up.
They look back again.
This time I look their way.
They immediately look away.
I shrug it off and return my gaze to the stop light, waiting for it to change. "That was weird" I say to myself.
They again turn back to me but kind of stutter in their step.
I turn to look at them again, this time acknowledging them with a little nod of my head.
I then hear muffled yelling from the left guy "[mumbled yelling] -is that?"
I raise my hand to the side of my head (wearing a modular full face helmet) and yell back "What?!"
He yells back louder "WHAT BIKE IS THAT?"
I reply giggling, "Rebel 500!"
He grins like a kid seeing a candy store for the first time and yells back "NICE! I LIKE THE STYLE!"
They both turn and begin walking again as I see him finger punching his cell phone, presumably taking a note down hopefully to buy his own. The light goes green, I rev it up and glide on my way home.

Morale of the story, the bike draws attention, but not the bad kind.
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