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Put approximately 6,000 miles on it this season (if we're lucky we can get close to 6 months of riding) with a total of 16,090 miles over two seasons.

Added the following items since buying the bike new in March of 2021

Seven Speed handlebar risers

Memphis Shades Big Shot windshield with no tool Trigger-Lock quick removable mounting system

12v Marinco Marine weatherproof locking power socket wired always hot on a fused circuit direct from battery. Powers my Garmin Montana 700i inReach GPS...also can plug in 12v compressor if needed and plug in a battery maintainer in the off season

Puig larger rubber cushioned foot-pegs

Honda accessory rear fender rack

Cyclops Adventure driving lights

symmetrical Viking Hard Bags with Honda quick detach mounting brackets and SW-Motech locking devices

made two different styled exhaust slip ons

Bluetooth OBD2 diagnostic scanner with live data display to cell phone

Oxford Hotgrips EVO Touring (temperature controlled)

on the trailer ready to head to someplace warmer...😉

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

Speedometer Odometer Gauge Vehicle Measuring instrument
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