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Hello- I am Steve in Minnesota. I’ve pretty much decided on buying a Rebel 500 in the near future (when I find the right one). I was able to take one on a 12 mile test ride this week and I really liked it. Nothing is perfect, but I like that it’s low slung, along with its power.

I’ve ridden bikes for many years, mostly dual sports. I think the only street bike I owned was a Honda CX 500, so now I’m ready to try something a bit more modern.
I’m not that close to many dealers, so I’ve been checking around on who has what and their prices. Most want full retail and shipping. There is a ’17 model left at one dealer that was about $500 cheaper so that’s one possibility.

Maybe someone here knows when Honda starts their rebates? I wonder if it’s around the first of the year. One dealer has an ’18 model in the color I want, so I’m wondering if I should take the plunge now, or wait to see what happens.

I’ve picked up lots of information here, so hopefully if things go right I can get a few rides in here before the snow flies.
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