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So I finally mounted my windscreen from Memphis Shades today since I received the mounting kit that I forgot to order when I order the windscreen itself.

Installation was pretty easy. The mounts are 4 clamps that attach to the forks. You have to move the signals lower to make room for the mounts. Down side to this is means you can't attach the signals to the bracket that is on the triple tree. The signals are just some soft rubber that wraps around the fork so without the bracket, I feel the highway winds may move them. I'm going to look into getting different signals anyways.

First I installed it at it's highest position (top mounts on the forks up against the tree). This left about a 1 inch gap between the headlight and cut out on the windscreen. I didn't really like how that looked. Went for a quick ride around the block at about 55 mph and there was almost no wind on my chest. Felt really nice! There was no helmet buffeting either. Helmet didn't shake or vibrate at all but I kept hearing this slight whistling/screeching sound. Almost sounded like loose metal rubbing on loose metal or just the way the wind was moving. I couldn't figure it out.

Then I adjusted it as low as I could without the screen touching the headlight and went for a ride. Still almost no wind on my chest but there was DEFINITELY some buffeting going on. Now I really knew what it felt like. The whistling/screeching was gone though so I assume it was from the air flow.

I raised it back up mid way between the highest position and the previous position in hopes that the buffeting will go away. The slight whistling I can deal with as I usually have music on anyways. I didn't go out for a ride again after this but I'll make sure I carry an allen key with me next time I do so I can make adjustments on the fly.

Surprisingly the turn signals did not move. Looking forward to seeing if they stay put at 70+mph speeds. The windscreen is also very easy to take off. Unlock the two top mounts and pull it right off. Takes no more than 10 seconds.


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