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Hello everyone!

I want to review my order from k-speed with you!

Like many of you i was very sceptical about k-speed and their 'online store'! I thought it over and decided to order.

After i placed the order i immediatly got a mail in my spam where my order was listed. But there was nothing listed about the payment, the shipping fee or where to transfer the money.

So i decided to write them a mail. After a few hours i got a very kind reply where they told me exactly what to do.

I had to drive to my bank for this transfer because i wasnt able to do it by netbanking.

After i transfered the money to them i send them proof of the transfer and they answered very quick again. They will send out the parts as soon as they recieve the money. After two days they send me the tracking number of the goods.

I was super happy that everything worked out so well!

Today is the day where is recieved them!

The parts were very well packed and safe.

If you guys want to know anything else, or some more detailed pictures- let me know!



1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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