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My wife and I selected it as a training bike for her to learn to ride, but when I test-rode it at the dealership, I knew immediately that i will probably ride it every chance I get. I was really surprised by it.

We set off to find her a learning bike, and we immediately decided on a Rebel 250, for obvious reasons. She was on board with it. We hit up craigslist, and found 2 advertisements for Rebels in "excellent condition," each for $2000. We went and took a look, and they were both rust buckets that had spent most of their lives outdoors in the rain, I would guess. Neither would idle well, so probably needed carb work, too. We were dismayed, so we went to the local Honda dealership, and found a very well kept Rebel 250, but they wanted $3500 for it! It looked worth it, but we didn't want to spend that much on a 250. Our salesman showed us the CMX300 and CMX500, and my wife fell in love with the flat black of the 2019. What a cool looking bike. We financed it, out the door that day!

They are pretty light, so my little wife had no problem supporting it at the dealership. I hopped on the 500 to run down the street in a test ride. I was shocked at the acceleration! I expected only a little more than the 250, but the 500 is in its own category. It pulls a lot faster than I expected. Bonus. I think I'll be riding this bike when she's not. Or maybe I just need to get my own. That's an argument I probably won't win.

Here's a short, boring video of taking it home from the dealership.

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