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Here is my European matt grey '18 CMX500

Still stock today but I intend to make some modifications (not in the order :D) :

- Change the front and rear turn signals
- Change the brick
- Put the licence plate on the left side
- Add a left side luggage
- Add a 10" ape hanger
- Change the headlight
- Remove the front fender and put fork bellows
- Cover the rear fender with a matt black vynil
- Change the muffler by a more "custom" one
- Add it a titanium (or a colour that approach to an olive green) thermal band
- Put the rearview mirror below the handlebar
- Maybe a brown seat and handle grip
- Maybe doing something for the side covers. It looks too platic.

pfiuuu , I have things to do :nerd:


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Welcome!! I have done alot of the mods you are going to do, you can check here or on my youtube, I have a bunch of videos on how / what I did.
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