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It had to go.
As much as I tried to obtain that biker bond with the Rebel & spent quite a few bucks and time personalising the thing, I just couldn’t connect with it & to the point I was only riding short distances once a month.
One of the easiest models to ride, smart looking in its category, & fun to accessorise it, I'll give it that.

So I’m now looking at the Honda CB650R Neo sports cafe, as they call it now, just always loved that smooth inline 4 idle and throttle sound. Triumphs are now above my affordability.

Transferring the Rebel ownership was a nightmare.
Took a bribe to pass the inspection because it’s not a std two seater anymore. Hours of boring paperwork and waiting at the transport office
The new owner had to take it home in a pick up, then take off all the back end and refit the old fender, brick lights, flashers, seat (lucky I never sold them) & plate position, just to change ownership to his name and province where he lives.

So be warned all you Expats living in Thailand, if you sell a customised bike and the buyer is from another Province, you’ll be having those hassles I did.


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