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About two hours ago I got a call from the Honda dealer

"Hi Jim, sorry to call but you have a problem with your bike."

Me: "I don't have a problem, tell me what your problem is?"

What happened is that there were two matte grey 500s on the floor, Bike A and Bike B your Honour! (therefore two different VINs).
The dealer registered Bike A with the authorities, and then went and fixed the plates, onto Bike B!

In Australia, your "registration" covers a number plate, and COMPULSORY INSURANCE COVER!

So technically, I was riding a bike for nearly two weeks that I didn't own, was not registered, and had no insurance.

Thank <insert name of deity here> I didn't get involved in an accident or I would have been screwed.

After pulling off my plate, gathering all of the documentation for the bike I thought I'd bought I hopped in the car and shot down to the dealer.

After an hour of reversing all of the paperwork and signing for the actual bike I rode out of the showroom, and getting a new number plate (licence plate) I now own the bike and it's registered in my name with the correct VIN/Engine number.


Because I didn't have time when I got home to contact my third party insurance company, I have no fire/theft/accident cover, so the bike will sit in the garage until Monday.

It's going to be an awful weekend here anyway so I won't miss any good riding weather.

So a tip to all owners. Check your paperwork against the VIN on your bike. Just in case :wink2:.

The only good thing to come from this?

I got a fresh number plate WITHOUT the crap holes the dealer drilled in the original one.



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It probably doesn't work this way in Australia, but with my insurance companies, if I contact them when they're not in the office, they are allowed to backdate my insurance. So if I bought a vehicle tomorrow (Sat.) and sent them an email with the details (ie, make, model, vin, miles, etc), then got into an accident Sunday, I would be covered.
YMMV, everyone. I haven't tested it. Just a thought.
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