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Hey guys,
New to the forum, considering purchasing a new Honda Rebel 500.
I was wondering how reliable is the bike? Did anyone experience any serious issues with it?
I plan on making trips with my girl so comfort is a big factor.
I would have saddle bags and a back seat rest but from what I've seen in photos the saddlebags kind of get in the way of the passenger legs, can anyone shed some light on this?

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Dude, it's a Honda...
And second, the engine isn't new. It's been around a while now. What could go wrong has gone wrong and has been sorted out long ago.

And the Rebel was made with the word "bobber" in mind, so it ain't really meant for touring, and thus not really meant for a passenger.
Not impossible, ofc, but just not directly meant for it.
Even for driving solo with, on the stock seat, it's no joy ride over longer periods of time. With time you could get used to it, but a passenger would never get used to the stock seat they are offered.
So you would have to change that out to make it more pleasant.
Also, the pegs for the passenger is quite high, so if your girl has a bit of a length to her, she will suffer.

As for bags being in the way, it all depends on the size/shape of them.
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