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I live up close to world's of fun. North Kansas city.
What got me riding was age lol I use to ride dirt bikes and atv's when I was 18 then I got responsible and had a family so I worked and stoped riding.
I figured he'll with it it's time to have some fun. The rebel is a great bike for fun so it was no question that it was going to start again with a honda. With the release of the 2017/2018 300 and 500 I went with the 500 being that I am no longer 18 and 165 ponds.
Age adds weight so makes sense 500. I know lot of people cry that the feel they need big power but the rebel was never a big touring cruiser bike its a inner city cruiser.

Can't buy a bike with out making changes so I have been just riding having fun and customizing it to my taste.
Some changes
All most done with the 50cal fat ammo saddle bag will add that picture when done and hope to have my rear seat kit this year lol


1 - 9 of 9 Posts