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When I had a blast at the training course, I knew I was gonna have a lot of fun, but I didn’t think I would have so much. I purchased my grey ’18 Rebel 500 two and a half weeks ago with 300 miles on it.

It was all I could do to convince myself not to go ride it once I finally got it home, “It’s raining, dark, and you’ve already been on the road today for 6 hours already.” In the interest of safety (more so for my bike than anything), I begrudgingly waited until I finished work the next day.

I’ll admit that I was nervous when I first threw my leg over the saddle. I slowly backed it out of my garage, convincing myself that, since this is my first bike, I’ll take things easy. I should be fine driving driving around the neighborhood.

45 minutes later, I found myself cruising around curvy country roads in the foothills East of Modesto. So much for taking it slow. I’d have kept going if it wasn’t for my fuel gauge showing a quarter of a tank left, and I hadn’t seen a gas station for the past 15 miles.

What can I say, I think I’m hooked.

Anyway, I am glad I found this forum; I have a laundry list of questions that I hope to get help on like….where do you buy your oil? (I did the first oil change, and I went to 3 O’Reillys before I found enough oil. Long boring story.) And I still need to get the bike all rigged out with saddle bags, ect. I am excited to make this bike my own!
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