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Hi all

Just thought I’d introduce myself. I’m a 41 year old guy in New Zealand.

I’ve just this week bought a new CMX500a. I’m new to riding, and I know the right advice would be to purchase a second hand bike coz ... [INSERT ALL THE REALLY GOOD REASONS]. I very carefully considered those reasons, and looked around for a month or so for a second hand bike, and in the end totally gave in to my emotions and bought a new bike that I LOVE. Happy to admit that was a dumb idea. :)

In New Zealand the CMX500a is a LAM (Learner Approved Motorcycle), and I’m not allowed to make any non-cosmetic modifcations until I get my full license. Really interesting seeing and reading about the tweaks and changes you’re all making. They’re giving me some great ideas for when I get my full!


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