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H2c foot platform installed

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Hello all,

I did not see it before so I thought I had to share.

I received the foot pegs from Thailand, very easy to install, and top quality products.

Here are the pictures :

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very cool. Please describe the difference in riding feel compared to stock pegs. Thanks and ride safe.
I'll ride tomorrow but first of all, I hope it will make the vibration less hurting for my foot plant.
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Yeah those are nice..............!
I was wanting those but a little apprehensive of the size. The cost wasn't worth the experiment. Glad you jumped in, because they are as big as I was afraid they were.

Waiting to here the verdict on comfort.
Quite a bit larger than the stock one. I too would like to know how the vibrations feel.
I like the way they look. I have been thinking about getting them but I actually like the plain stock ones so I am torn.
I wanted a set of these myself & they look good.
I sat on a bike at the dealer with them fitted but my big feet (US 13's) kind of didn't feel right with the gear shift so close to them.
They are good quality though.
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They look well made. :wink2:
Soooo, I took a ride this morning.

I don't race so I was not totally disturbed by the gear selector position. As you can see on the thai document, they advise to set up the selector a little higher. I did not and it's ok for my 10US shoes.

About the vibrations, I still receive them but as I have my feet on a larger area, I don't feel the same pain in the middle of the sole.

First of all, I bought these for the look and I appreciate the platform style and the quality, as you can see on some of the pictures above.

The cons can be the shiny area that can be scratched, we'll see.
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Thank you for posting! I'm totally getting these now :)
I have these pegs and I don't like them. It's hard to maneuver the bike while it's not in gear trying to park. Hits my ankles/chalves all the time.
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