Gem Speed Classic slip-on muffler for the 300 and 500, any year.

Retails around $400 on the Gem-Speed website.

Note that one of the baffles was removed to make it louder. Sounds wonderful, not too overpowering on the 500, very loud on the 300. The factory black finish was peeling off around the area where the pipe splits into two due to heat, so I touched it up with Rust-Oleum high temp grill paint. I think it's a common issue, the second pic (for reference only) is someone else's I saw online and it's missing paint in the same area. Again, only the first pic is the actual item for sale.
Price listed for pick-up in Los Angeles, will ship anywhere in the US for $25 extra. Open to reasonable (close) offers!
Will ship in original box which is already tatty and has black over spray on the inside.