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So today I ended up to install TST led indicators on the front but I found 3 wire coming out from each indicators.
My new led has 2 wire so I connected the negative then I tried one of the two left turn the key on nothing happened,tried to connect the other one nothing so I joined them together and all good turn the key front light and indicators on pressed switch started blinking front and I've done the same to the other side but now I have constantly all front and rear indicators on while riding when I pressed the switch they do their job on/off.
I guess I should've not joined the 2 wire together but how do I suppose to wire them?any idea?

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3 wire front indicator is to handle both constant on running lights in the front and directional - a 2 wire indicator will only do directional - by attaching the wires together you are feeding the back from the front - you will only be able to attach the directional lead to your front indicators, the other wire will be taped off unused.
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