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Whoohoo! I finally picked up my bike today. Or Berel as she's now known.

I love it! I've been riding a CTX 700 for the past couple of years. The Rebel 500 is waaay superior. The handling is like riding on rails. The gear box is smooth (the DCT on the CTX was ok, but could be herky-jerky at low revs). Pick up is quick and smooth. It took me a few miles to adjust from the forward pegs of the CTX but I find the Rebel riding position comfortable (the seat is a tad hard...I need to clock a few more miles before I'll know if I need a more comfy seat). The German dealership was supposed to install handlebar risers but they've been unable to find any that fit so they refunded the money on those. It wasn't so bad riding without them, but again, like the seat, I'll put a few more miles on it before I order risers from the States.

I managed 100km today before the thunderstorms and torrential rain hit (yes, I got very wet!)...but Monday is supposed to be perfect biking weather :grin2:

It's definitely been worth the wait!
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