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Hello all,

I've been a lurker here since the site was introduced. I check in every couple weeks and thought I'd finally just join. I've been riding a bit over 15 years and have had and still have lots of bikes. What brought me here is my fondness for the Rebel 300 I picked up last year.

Everything around me is city roads. I ride on rural roads too just for the pleasure of riding. So I sort of have to go out of my way to get on roads above 45 mph.

I bought a couple of new groms - not at the same time. After going over 5000 miles on one I bought another before the last of the 1st generation was gone. Got it cheap and told the dealer to keep the battery and not to service it beyond a recall issue, didn't want fuel in it. I just put it in storage as a "keeper."

Anyway the point I want to make is I didn't think I would ever find a bike I liked riding more than the Grom. Then this Rebel 300 hit the garage floor and I gotta say, I am truly digging it. I've got a CB300f and a CB500f and knew the 300 Rebel engine would be my #1 choice. I love playing the gears and having more to do on the speed limited roads I live amongst.

So I still think the Grom is great fun just because I can race around like I stole it while not drawing too much attention, but I think the Rebel is my goto puddle jumper for most of the riding I do outside of a 15 mile radius from home now.

This newest Rebel 300 is so relaxed and easy going I just wanted to share my 2 cents. It's the best bike I've ever ridden where going slow is so down right enjoyable. And like I said, most of the roads around me are speed limited to a max of 45.

I have used the Rebel on the interstate lots of times when I get in a hurry and want a short cut and it doesn't dissapoint me there. I hate riding a bike on highways and interstates, mind numbingly boring. But a short jaunt of a few miles, nice for variety every now and then. Still prefer just poking around and exploring roads in nice weather though.

Lastly I'll say it's kinda nice having a bike so close to a standard riding position that feels so bullet proof. Honda reliability, a cooling system and braking system designed for the bigger 500 model, that's nice. All aspects of this bike, very nice. And an easy peasy riding experience, that's nice too.
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