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I've had a a couple of days to ride around with the De Pretto Moto Forward Control Kit, and I must say, it is definitely an improvement in comfort for me. I guess I should admit that this Rebel 500 is not mine, it's my wife's. I ride an 18 Shadow Aero, and before that I had an 03 Shadow ACE. So, cruisers are what I like. I have to admit that since we got the Rebel, I've been riding it a lot more than my Shadow. It's a lot more fun around town. If I were going on a trip I'd take the Shadow, but for running up to the store or for just getting a little ride in to get out of the house, the Rebel is better. I'm surprised by that. The wife is in training, so she doesn't ride yet, but when she does, I might have to get a Rebel of my own...

Anyway, back to the DPM kit. The 2 things that I was really worried about with this kit were that it would not be sturdy because of the way it hangs between the frame, and that the shifter and brake extensions would cause them to feel differently. I like feeling the tactile feedback of the shifter pedal, and I was afraid that an extension might dampen that. I'm happy to report that neither of those problems came to fruition. The setup is sturdy as ****. I would feel plenty comfortable standing on the pegs all day long. And the shifting did not change in the least. I didn't even have to adjust the shifter height. It was just right where it landed after install, for both me and my wife.

The foot position is not quite as far forward from the seat as the pegs on my Shadow are, obviously. But it gets it close enough that I'm much more comfortable riding the bike. Also, I don't trip over the pegs when I walk the bike. That was getting annoying.

My wife also enjoyed the addition of the DPM kit. Her height is 5' 7". She has never ridden before, and only had about 5 practice sessions on the rebel before I made the changes. She said that once she got used to the foot pegs not being where she expected them, that the DPM kit made a definite improvement, and she likes the new setup. She says it's much more comfortable.

I will say that at the same time I installed the DPM kit, I also installed a TC Bros Tracker handlebar. The handlebar raised my arms and allows me to sit with my back slightly more straight, in more of a cruiser position. I did not try the DPM kit with the stock bars, so take that into consideration if you're considering purchasing the kit. I have no idea what the rider triangle is like with the DPM kit and the stock low bars of the Rebel. If I had to make a guess, though, I would say that it would probably still be an improvement, but that's just a guess.

So, is the DPM kit worth the hefty price tag? For us, yes. I'm glad I bought it, and I would install the kit on any future Rebels we put in the garage. Honda really needs to produce a kit for the Rebel. I'm sure they could do so and bring it to the market for a lot less money than what the DPM kit costs. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who enjoy the pegs right where they come stock, but I'm also sure that many people would convert to forward controls if a cost-effective kit became available. We're lucky we came across some spare cash to buy the kit, and were willing to take the risk on it. If we hadn't we wouldn't have gotten to see how much better the rebel can be for us.

TL;DR: It's good, we like it.


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