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Does anyone have a list or the ability to make a list that covers all items needed for basic maintenance on the rebel? It would be nice to make one a sticky if possible. Maybe someone can add links to these items if they know the answer. If so, I'd be happy to make a spreadsheet that can be shared.

Stand (rear and front I guess?)


Oil Filter

Degreaser for Chain

Lube for Chain

Cleaning tools for chain

Misc Tools needed for cleaning chain and changing oil (oil filter remover?, etc.. )

Please add to this list if I'm missing any items and feel free to respond with a copy and pasted list to add your links. It would be great if this works out well and then maybe the next spreadsheet could be fun modifications :)

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Not a bad idea.
Which oil and filter has been mentioned before, just can't remember atm.
At least kerosene for cleaning the chain.

Should also add which coolant the bike uses.
Have the name for that at home. Also been discussed here before.

Also fork oil perhaps? Not everyday item, but useful to know.

Brake oil also, dot 4/5

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