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Good Evening Everyone,

This is for those people who do their own maintenance on their bikes or if you clean & lube your chain yourself.

The manual says every 600-800 miles to clean & lube your chain. My technician who rides just as much as I do (I did 9,000+ in about a year) has warned me that every 200 miles you should at least lube your chain. Then, regularly clean your chain every 600-800 miles. THEN, every 1200-1600 miles take your front sprocket cover off and get as much gunk out as possible (if you don't do that already).

I did mine today, and HOLY S**T, it was pretty nasty.

Just a Heads up. IF you already know, or do so Good on you, but I know there are some people on this forum who don't.

Stay Safe Everyone!
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