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Hello everyone, here to introduce my baby, I call her Black Rêve (Black Dream).
Here is she coming out of the store:


First mod I did was to get her some bags. I wanted them as big as I could, without ruining the look too much.
I got some SHAD SH23, I really like them. Super big, and if you take them out (which is very easy to do) the frame is almost invisible.

I also got some crashbars, just in case. I think they are the best investment anyone can do...


Next up, I placed some vinyl work, to which I call "shadow stripes". The motorcycle is black gloss, the vinyl is matte, so you can only see it when the light is hitting from an angle.


Finally, I got her a headlight guard, or a wind shield. I REALLY love how she looks right now, as the shield makes the "weight" look of her look much more balanced now. The bags really make her heavy in the back, so it makes the perfect contrast now.

Next up, we will add some whitewall tyres, probably Avon Cobras.


And that is it for now, hope you like it :)


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