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I liked the look of the Diablo dual tip exhaust, but I was frustrated at the $230 price tag considering that it was just a $40 Chinese universal exhaust with a link pipe and a "Diablo" logo. I went ahead and went the cheap route and had the link pipe fabricated at my local auto shop for $20. Since I couldn't find the dimensions on here, I thought I'd post them to help someone out in the future. You'll see that the aftermarket exhaust bracket now lines up nicely with the factory mount, and the factory gasket fits too.

The link pipe is 9" long with a 10° bend in the middle. The end that slips over the factory exhaust tip has an inside diameter of roughly 44.5 mm and the other end is about 49.5 mm outside diameter. Note that these diameters are close but only approximate measurements and it's best to bring your bike and aftermarket exhaust into the auto shop for more precise fitment.

The only thing I regret is getting painting it flat instead of semi-gloss black. I might wrap it to cover it up. Think it'll look stupid?

Hope it helps.

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