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Hey Everyone!
Recently I saw the P40 Warthog Honda Rebel that was made for the "reveal" of the CMX.
Upon further "inspection" of the picture I noticed that the Air Cleaner box was missing and that there was a cone looking (Maybe K&N) air filter.

I have called Honda, to see if they can give me information on either Intake boot interior/exterior dimensions, or the company they outsourced the build to.
They told me that they didn't have any measurements on the boots, and that they would contact me with the outsourced company...
They have not responded about the company yet. (about a week or so)

Now, my question is: Has anyone on the forum that is active done a Cone/Cylinder Filter? or a CAI if you will. OR EVEN has seen anything floating around the internet

Yes, I know it'll be running more lean then stock setup, and i'm willing to go to a Fuel Commander or something. I also know that the crankcase breathers need filters too, and will deal with those at the same time. To clarify, I'm not trying to run a High Horse Engine, I just don't like the look of the huge box that is beneath the seat.

Any information is information at its best,

Thank you!
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