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2018 Honda CMX300A
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Hi everyone,

I've kept on working on my motorcycle and I realize that adding on to my introduction thread felt kinda out-of-place, so I figured I'd just get a new thread going on in here. I'll keep updating this one as I get to do more mods to my little Honda Rebel 300.

The Rebel is the perfect motorcycle for since 90% of my usage is in downtown traffic, mostly at rush hour. I am really enjoying a small bike with good MPG and the agility to navigate rush hour traffic.

I also quite enjoy taking longer trips and I have a 3500 km trip planned for September. This meant I had to make a few changes to the motorcycle as it is in no way able to do that in stock form (or at least, I'm in no way able to do that on that motorcycle stock form).

To recap my introduction post, what I have done so far:
  • Harley Davidson Dyna Quarter fairing
  • Corbin Gunfighter & Lady saddle
  • TripMachine handlebar wraps
  • Willie and Max swingarm bag
  • Saddleman Slants saddlebags
  • RAM cellphone mount
Also some purely aesthetic mods:
  • Blacked out the top of the forks with vinyl
  • Wrapped the exhaust header with DEI Titanium
There are pictures of what the bike looks like are in my intro post.

Today, I received a few new toys to play with, first of which was a pair of handlebar risers I ordered from Zeed parts a few weeks ago.


These are exactly what I needed to make my sitting position more upright. I also angled the handlebars slightly more upwards, which raises the handlebars up rather than making them quite closer to me. I rotated the controls forward to compensate. I really like how it looks with the quarter fairing.

One note on fitting, I have the 2018 Rebel 300 with ABS and the hose for the front break was tight! Rotating the bars upward helped a lot but I still ended up having to relocate the whole brake cylinder assembly about half an inch closer to the middle of the handlebar to get enough slack in the ABS hose at full lock.

I also received my TripMachine tool roll in the mail and I'll find a way to (semi-)permanently attach it to the front forks, underneath the fairing. Standby for more details and pictures on that.

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Fine looking machine, I have the 500 in the same colours. Recently added a sissy bar with rear rack.
Big change in appearance + it's useful. Sometimes Amazon can be your friend.
Will look forward to seeing further upgrades.
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