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Hello all,

First-time bike owner, I just bought a brand new 2018 Honda Rebel off of Facebook marketplace with only 153 miles on it. Some lady won it at a casino, drove it home, didn't like it, and listed it for sale on Facebook.

I've ridden it about 500 miles since getting it a few weeks ago. Just today I noticed that I was leaking a liquid out of a tube by the left foot peg. Touching the liquid and examining the tube I realized it was gasoline. I was wondering if this is normal on a 2018 Honda Rebel.

I did fill it to the max after filling it out a few days ago. Although, it's about on a half tank now so. I don't think it's because of that.

There was a slight incline where I parked it so could that be why?

I've done some research on this forum and it looks like it's the overflow tube. but I'm not 100% sure. I'll add a picture so you all can see where it's coming from.

The second black tube is the one leaking the gasoline from what I can tell.
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Here is my kickstand and the leaked fluid. You can see where the kickstand has depressed the ground causing the incline.
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you have 4 hoses

1. crankcase breather drain - has a cap on it so can't leak anything. When you see the tube has some sludge in it take the cap off to drain it

2. radiator reserve tank overflow - if you have the tank filled to the proper level, you will not get any coolant drainage out of that hose

3. fuel tank drain hose - only time gas will come down this hose is if you have the gas cap open and you are filling your tank and over fill so that it gurgles up the filler neck (blue arrow) and spills into cavity (green arrow) draining down the hose connected to drain (red arrow) to the ground.

4. fuel tank breather hose - only time gas will come down this hose is if you fill tank above the recommended level stated in your owner's manual and the gas cap is closed. Being the tank is overfilled there is no room for the gas to expand and as the gas warms it will be forced down the breather hose. When the cap is closed the 2 black arrows form a seal...the expanding gas goes up through center of cap, through the sealed joint and down the breather hose to the ground. If your bike had an evap can it would drain in there.

It's highly unlikely you are dripping gas as you said the tank is only half full....where would the gas come from.

unless you can actually see something dripping from one of the hoses another option to look at is the water pump weep hole...the water pump is located up on that side and if it was weeping it would put a spot on the ground just like the spots in your picture

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here's where to check water pump weep hole

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