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I spotted these outside a Honda dealer yesterday while out at a pre Chinese New Year festival.

Unlike the picture in the Honda prokevin writeup, This colour ‘electric blue’ looks stunning in my opinion.
Had it been on last years line up it would probably have been my first choice over the Matt Grey that I currently have.
The rear fender looks the same metallic grey as before.

All other spec according to the dealer hasn’t had any changes, everything else looks the same as the 2017 although we’ll have to wait for some official announcements and web reviews to reveal or confirm if there is anything new for the new release.

The pictures below show the H2C upgrade of which I only noticed the new side panels and bar grips.
As prices gradually dropped over the past year, The 2018 version has been bumped back up to the original 2017 first release price.

Keep in mind this is not in anyway a review but only what I have seen at a dealer In Thailand.
When they are shipped overseas, I do not know...


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