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Went on a group ride fundraiser for veterans yesterday. Police escorted, 64 mile ride started and finished at Ted's Motorcycle World in Alton, Illinois.

Food, raffles, merchandise sales, etc. Good time!

I think they had around 150 people register for the event, but the weather radar looked like it may not cooperate, so several didn't show up (or chose not to ride). We did get rained on a bit about halfway through, but nothing heavy.

Ride took right at 90 minutes start to finish, and with the police escort, there were zero stops... Blew right through stop lights and stop signs. And while it was a good time, I will say that this is not the bike you want to ride for 90 straight minutes... My back was killing me by the time we got back.

I count around 120 bikes pulling out at the start of the ride... If you count, I'm #73. :)

ETA: Ok, I replaced the original link to a link to the saved video.. seems to work now, at least for me.
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