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turn signal
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  1. Electrical
    Being that a 2020 already comes stock with LED lights all around, do I still need a relay when changing the turn signals to different led signals?
  2. 2017+ Honda Rebel 300, 500 & 1100 News
    I won’t go into detail but my head light assembly is broke and and my headlight switch is broken I think my blinkers all blink like hazard lights... any help on part numbers or where I can get them would be great... please and thank you
  3. Electrical
    I want to change out my stock front turn signals but the new turn signal has 2 wires (one ground and one filament). My question is can you split the filament into 2 so there's one for running light and one for blinking (the actual turn signal). I'm new to the world of electrical
  4. Accessories And Add Ons
    Hi, I purchased the STS module and upon tracing the wiring and removing the gas tank it is near inaccessible on the rebel. Anyone had any success wiring this in. Cheers Ryan
1-4 of 4 Results