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  1. Honda Rebel General Discussion
    I just purchased a used 2022 Rebel 500 from a Harley dealer. I'm sure it was a trade in. Bike is complete except it's missing the muffler. I assume the previous owner loved the deep rumble sound. I do not. I need to find a stock muffler or a quiet aftermarket muffler. Open to suggestions.
  2. Honda Rebel Owners Registry
    Hi y'all, This is my second Rebel, the first being the 2017 CMX300 H (Hawaii). Sad story about the 300 but that's for another day. So, I have another Rebel to sort of compare with my new one. My question, is it normal for sputtering on deceleration? This didn't happen with the 300, and I am...
  3. Honda Rebel Parts
    I’m located in Canada but also have a US shipping address. Let me know if you have one and what you want for it. I’m experimenting with stock mufflers, hoping to make one for myself and a buddy who downed his Rebel 500 and had to trash his Vance and Hines. Thanks in advance!
1-3 of 3 Results