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  1. New Members Introduction
    Hello everyone! I recently took the Garley Davidson Riding Academy Course and just got my license. That was my first time on the bike and I really enjoyed it and one thing my coaches told me was that they were surprised that I didn’t have fear to lean the bike. But anyways… I am now wanting to...
  2. What did you do to your Honda Rebel today?
    Installed the Mustang Squareback Seat I got for my ‘21 500 SE. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow for my old luggage rack to work, but I guess that just means I get to find a nice new sissy bar ;) If anyone is interested in my old rear passenger seat with diamond stitching or the luggage rack; they...
  3. Bikes for Sale
    Price flexible Please see link for more information 2017 cmx500 rebel scrambler Custom exhaust, seat, and subframe
    $5,000 USD
  4. What did you do to your Honda Rebel today?
    Hi, thanks for reading. First and foremost I have a 2018 Honda Rebel 500. I had the spark plugs & air filter changed, 4 days ago in hopes that it would fix this issue. The problem started about 2 months ago, and I believe it was because of the cold weather change. I remember my motorcycle had a...
  5. What did you do to your Honda Rebel today?
    Thank you for reading this, the title says it all. After messing with my taillight and rear indicators on my Honda Rebel 500 when I go to flip the indicator switch the front indicator light turns off and when I press in to reset, it turns back on. There is no more FLASH or BLINK! I am not sure...
  6. Exhaust And Headers
    This weekend I installed the Arrow slip on exhaust on Sammy, my green 2022 Rebel 500, and I'm really satisfied with my purchase! With the db killer on (I'm european, so I should always go around with that mounted) the sound is similar to the OEM, just a bit deeper and with a bit more character...
  7. Honda Rebel Parts
    A bit too loud for me on longer rides. Sounds great though. Around 500 miles on the muffler. Few scratches around the mounting point, not something you'd see after it's installed - other than that, in excellent shape. Asking $375 shipped. Venmo preferred.
    $375 USD
  8. Honda Rebel General Discussion
    Hi all, I have recently moved to US from India. Not a new rider. I have been driving for past 9yrs, but never had to self service my bike as service cost is very low back at home. Fell in love with Rebel and got an olive green 500. Need suggestions on what should I get for general servicing of...
  9. Engine Discussions
    I have recently bought the rebel 500 2022 and been enjoying riding it. Having left riding mopeds for nearly 20 years, I noted that that the rebel does not ride in 2nd at low speed 10kmh to 16kmh (below 10mph) very well. The engine will choke on itself or sputter when I let go of the throttle...
  10. Honda Rebel Parts
    Selling a brand new Dunlop D404 front tire (130/90-16 67H). Never used or installed. Fits 2017 or newer Rebel 300’s and 500’s. Same tire that comes stock with the bike. Manufactured in August 2021 (week 34). I bought the tire from RevZilla in January 2022 and never got around to installing it...
    $40 USD
  11. Honda Rebel Parts
    Selling my all black, leather Corbin gunfighter seat. I traded in my Rebel 500 back in April and have no use for it anymore so I’d love to see someone else put it to good use. See post below for lots more photos. Asking price is $300 + shipping OR $275 if you come pick it up from Brooklyn, NY.
    $300 USD
  12. New Members Introduction
    Heya - woman rider here. I've been riding a Lance Cali Classic 200i for 2 years, totally fine with the speed limitation and loving the automatic-ness of riding a scooter, and I had no intent to ever go on the freeway. I only got it because I could never find frikkin parking around where I live...
  13. Accessories And Add Ons
    I’m interested in picking up the OEM nylon saddlebags that fit the bracket system. Does anyone know if the “right side” bag will fit the left bracket? I would like to just stick to two 10L bags. Thanks in advance.
  14. Honda Rebel Issues And Problems
    Hi, I was riding, stopped at the red light and my bike just stalled. Oil light came on right after that. After I fired up the bike again, the issue didn't come back, but I haven't ridden much. Oil was changed a couple of months ago and I don't think oil leaked. Another thing to consider: just...
  15. Accessories And Add Ons
    I’ve been reading the forum since my wife picked up her Rebel 500 a few months ago since she wanted to reposition the handlebars. We ended up going to our local dealer, getting suggestions from them, and had them take a micrometer to the handlebars for exact measurement of 1” (odd that the...
  16. Rebel Dealers, Pricing, and Orders
    The moment we've all been waiting for is imminent! Or at least, the moment that I've been waiting for. I've got a date one week from tomorrow to eye up a Rebel and hopefully take it home with me. After being a bit disillusioned by the dealer markups, I ended up looking through stacks upon stacks...
  17. New Members Introduction
    Hello Rebels... Just a newbie but proud owner of the 2019 Honda rebel 500. Love on first sight since it's release in 2017. Hope y'all doing well through these tough times!.
  18. Accessories And Add Ons
    Hi. I have removed the rear fender now om ny Honda cmx 500 S (2020 mod) But how do i mount the seat again? Is There any after market products? or can i make It myself?
1-19 of 22 Results