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    Really wanted a 500ABS - but nothing available anywhere...also - I'm a NEWB! So...I'm fine with a 300! MSRP is $4,499, with a small ($300) discount. Assembly/Prep is 203 Destination is 401 Administration Fee is 230 ...then charging tax and title and license fees Out The Door is $5297 Not sure...
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    Hello All, I've wanted to ride a motorcycle for a long time, and I'm pretty set on the Honda Rebel as the bike that I'm going to start out on, as it has good reviews and I think the seat height will be low enough for me. I am debating between starting out on a 300 or 500. I don't want to...
  3. What did you do to your 2017+ Honda Rebel today?
    Hey guys I am a new rider buying my first motorcycle a rebel 300 with 1700 miles used from a dealer should I be ok? What are negatives to look listen for? Thanks in advance for advice!